Any topic (writer’s choice)


Read Grading Scenario: Tailor’s Story
Write Reflection Journal Entry for Week 1 on the following topic:
Write an epilogue* to complete the story.  This will require you to think ahead for Tailor and maybe even put yourself in Tailor’s place.  (Are there any similarities or differences between you?) 
You may consider any of the following (or none at all if you so decide):

What are the potential obstacles to success Tailor faces?
What are the lessons to be learned? 
What are some good student habits and behaviors? 
What behaviors or habits create barriers to success? 
Are there issues to consider that are not mentioned in Tailor’s Story? 
You may be as creative as you like.  You may be optimistic or pessimistic.  How will the quarter end for Tailor? 

(Don’t forget the required word count for a Reflection Journal Entry.)

Vocabulary word

*Epilogue: a section at the end of the story that brings a conclusion, finality to the events that occurred. It may even project the future.

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