Answer the following three questions on Starbucks related to Chapter 12 attached and other credible resources


The document should be double-spaced, using Arial font #12. Your referencesources,in addition to the base case and question sets, should be online sites and articles, Bloomberg terminal. Add any Appendices at the end of the Word document.

1.Starbucks has been identified as one of the best places to work according to employee rankings and job posting websites. It has also earned a number of top customer service accolades and many of these recognitions result from Starbucks human resource management practices.
Describe how Starbucks’ human resource management practices enabled them to build their culture and become a successful company.

2.Starbucks strategy often enabled the company to successfully compete in a heavily saturated market of coffee shops and eateries. Describe Starbucks’ strategy. What are some key elements of their strategy that enabled them to maintain a competitive advantage and keep customers?

3.As Starbucks business expands, it continually faces issues on how to keep customer satisfaction high and maintain and attract business. How has innovation and change specifically contributed to the success of the company? As the company grows larger, what types of changes are being made to the structure, technology, and people in the organization?

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