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English Comp 2 Annoted Bibliography

pick one of your best most academic sources, and follow the instructions in the AB assignment prompt uploaded. each entry requires and full reference citation, two paragraphs: 1) on the description of the source and, 2) a description of the texts’ argument and how you might/intend to use it.

Follow the examples uploaded also.

4 sources needed.

My paper is about:

Effects of Classism on Economy

The issue of classism and economy has been in the world for a very long time and I feel that they should be addressed. Classism is a form of systematic oppression of the people in lower social class by those in higher social status. Classism includes the behavior and attitude of people in high social towards those of low social status. Class status can grant an individual privilege or contempt. Classism creates low self-esteem among those who are from lower social status. At school and in places of work some people feel that they are better than others because of their social status. People assume that class divisions no longer occur, but the truth is that every person is identified with class status. Classism results to some people being treated better than others. I always feel very bad when I see a person humiliating another just because they are not in the same social status.

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