Analyzing Genesis

Respond to ONE of the following prompts:
A. What kind of God does Genesis portray? What kinds of qualities or attributes are ascribed to him, and what can you infer about him from the way he interacts with humans?
B. Covenant is a central concept in the Hebrew Scriptures. What does it mean? What covenants do we find in Genesis? In what ways are the covenants the same, and in what ways do they differ?
C. Birth order and difficulty in conceiving a child figure into many of the stories in Genesis. What is the significance of this? In answering this question, be sure to discuss the specific examples found in Genesis.
A few important points to keep in mind:
The views and arguments you develop in this paperwhatever topic you choosemust be substantiated by textual evidence.
Whenever you make reference to or quote from the texts, you need to provide a proper citation using parenthetical documentation. For example: Direct quote: After the flood, God said to Noah, Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you (Genesis 9:3). Reference:After the flood, God gave Noah permission to eat animals (Genesis 9:3).
Note that the parenthesis comes between the close-quote (if there is one) and the period. Also, if context makes it clear which book of the Bible you are referring to you can leave out the name and just provide the numbers.

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