Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies

Essay 4: Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies
Tattoos on the Heart is Gregory Boyle’s memoir of running Homeboy Industries and working with gang members to help them change their lives. Boyle uses various rhetorical strategies to connect with his readers to convey his major themes of kinship and redemption and the power of “boundless compassion.”
Assignment: What examples of logos, pathos or ethos can be found in Tattoos on the Heart? How does Boyle make use of these strategies, and are they effective? Why or why not? You will provide a close reading and analysis of Boyle’s appeals to the reader displayed anywhere in the book.
Criteria for evaluation:
? introduce Boyle’s book and project.
? identify three moments in the book where he uses either logos, pathos or ethos (your thesis).
provide clear and specific evidence that he does, indeed, use those strategies. (You can choose three passages where he uses logos, for example; or you can
discuss three different passages where he uses logos, pathos and ethos.) analyze the effect of those rhetorical strategies. How do they affect the audience? In what ways do they advance or harm his ability to persuade the reader of his overall argument?
? your conclusion should provide a discussion of the significance of the strategies and his book as a whole. What would happen if any one of those discussed strategies were not selected to be used in the book (how would this have made the argument different)?
For a successful paper, make sure to:
? Have a clear thesis that signals your argument to the reader.
? Topic sentences must map out your organization.
? Write the paper as if addressing an educated reader who is unfamiliar with Boyle’s book.
? Edit your paper thoroughly so that sentences are easy to read and error-free.
? Use MLA format. Include a works cited page that lists Boyle and his book. No outside sources are necessary.

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