1.    Identify the current mission statement, vision, goals, values, and objectives for your company or organization.

a.    Explain the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility and the role of diversity in the organizations strategic planning process.
b.    How can the mission statement be improved? Rewrite or create a suggested improved mission statement.

c.    Find the vision statement for your company: evaluate the vision for global diversity emphasis.  If one does not exist, or if changes are in order, prepare and add to your project accordingly.

d.    Discuss whether or not you believe that the goals and objectives are representatives of a diverse organization?

c.Are they a Strength or a Weakness?

d. Create a matrix for OT for your company. Explain the components of diversity that exist within the external analysis of this company.

e. Create a matrix for SW for your company.  Explain the components of diversity that exist within the internal analysis of this company

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