1. What makes us angry?

2. Why would many, perhaps most, people experience anger in response to the teenagers actions? (Anger is especially common when another persons misconduct seems willful, unjustified, and avoidable).

3. Is the anger that is portrayed in the clip “a short madness” (Horace) that “carries the mind away” (Virgil), “many times more hurtful than the injury that caused it” (Thomas Fuller), or is it “noble anger” (Shakespeare) which “makes any coward brave” (Cato) and “brings back… strength”(Virgil)? Explain.

4. Is the womans “venting of her anger” typical of the anger response? How might other people respond to the same situation? Share a personal experience in which you vented your anger.

5. How does the venting of anger affect the woman? How did your venting of anger affect you? Popular books and articles on aggression sometimes advise that hostile outbursts are better for you to than keeping anger pent up. Do you agree? Why or why not?

6. Whats the best way to handle anger and what differences are there between anger and aggression?

7. Based on the chapter and the article, what should we do to properly handle aggressive driving for ourselves and others?

include a reference to the required materials (textbook, article, podcast, or videos).

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