Begin by going to the ACLU website.
    What is the mission of this organization?
    Click on Issues. You will see several campaigns listed. Choose one and read the background material, including some of the additional resources (Current Issues and The Latest news/press releases.) Why is the ACLU so concerned about this issue? Summarize two current issues or press releases. What is your reaction?
    Click on Know Your Rights’ and choose an area that interests you. What are the most important things that citizens should know regarding that right? Did anything you learned about this topic surprise you?
    Click on Defending Our Rights. Read and summarize 2 cases that the ACLU is involved. Do you agree with the ACLUs position on those cases? Why or why not?
Next, go to the Institute for Justice.
    What is the mission of this organization? What kinds of issues are they most concerned about?
    Under Issues in the menu bar, choose First Amendment and one other category. Summarize and react to at least one case from each category.
    After reviewing this material, how would you assess the efforts of these two organizations?

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