Accessing Evidence in Social Work Practice

Assignment 3: Accessing Evidence in Social Work Practice
1. Formulate a Description of a Practice Need
Write a one-page description about a social work problem that is relevant to your field placement, employment/volunteer experience, or area of interest.
Write 2 pages that explain why this social problem is relevant to social work. Discuss problem severity, duration, cost to society and consequences to an individual?s functioning. In other words, why should we care about this problem?
2. Search for the Evidence
Use Cochrane or Campbell Collaboration web sites, etc. to review the evidence-based articles in the literature relevant to your practice question.
Locate a rigorous intervention study or program evaluation that provides evidence of the effectiveness of an intervention that addresses your practice problem or con Your article must be peer reviewed.
3. Determine which Evidence-Based Intervention is Most Appropriate for Your Particular Client(s)
Write a page that provides an overview of the intervention that is being studied in this article and explain why you think it addresses the needs of your target population and problem. Briefly describe the study methodology.
Submit the selected article and your 4 page paper (plus references) in APA format. The instructor must approve the article you select to complete assignment 4.

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