a piece of naturalist literature?

POST 1 & 2: In separate 250 word posts, respond to two of the following:
A) What are the characteristics of ?A Streetcar Named Desire? that make it
B)Blanche and Stella both view Stanley very differently ? how do they see him and what does this view say about themselves? What causes Stella to continue to return to Stanley? Does she really trust him? Does she ultimately sacrifice her sister for him?

C) What is the difference between how Blanche presents herself and what she really is? Why does she choose to present herself so differently?

D)What role does lighting ? or the lack of it ? play in this play?

POST 3 & 4: Respond to at least two other student posts.
Each post should be a MINIMUM of 250 words. This grade will be based on the quality and depth of analysis as well as the level of participation.

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